Bobby Bertrand

Bobby Bertrand

Cape Town, South Africa
T: +27 21 480 7948
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Bobby Bertrand is a consultant in our Cape Town office in the Commercial Property Practice.

He specialises in the full range of property-related agreements and the registration of real estate transactions at the Deeds Office.  His practice involves the sale, transfer and mortgaging of all kinds of real estate, housing and commercial developments and the registration of sectional title schemes.  His expertise extends to securing loan finance; property taxes including transfer duty, value added tax and capital gains tax; notarial attestation and execution of deeds of cession; leases, servitudes and bonds  and real estate due diligence investigations.

Bobby is a member of the Cape Law Society, Cape Town Attorneys Association, Christian Lawyers Association, South African Property Owners Association and the Real Estate Practice Group of Lex Mundi.

He has lectured to candidate conveyancers for the Cape Town Attorneys Association and has written articles on legal topics that have been published in legal journals, newspapers and magazines.  His opinions on Real Estate Law have often been quoted in newspapers and magazines.  He is regularly interviewed on radio programmes and has acted as a panelist on phone-in radio programmes covering Real Estate Law.

He has B.Com and LLB degrees from Stellenbosch University and is an admitted attorney, notary and conveyancer.

Specialist Services

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  • Bobby specialises in agreements for real estate transactions, including developments, commercial, industrial, agricultural, renewable energy, leisure and residential properties and registration in the deeds office to give effect to such agreements. These include the registration of sectional title schemes, housing developments, subdivisions, consolidations, servitudes, and transfers of ownership of properties, including for companies, municipalities, banks, hotels, trusts, churches, individuals, deceased and insolvent estates.
  • His other practice areas include securing loan finance by registering mortgage bonds and notarial bonds, property taxes including transfer duty, value added tax and capital gains tax and notarial attestation and execution of deeds of cession, lease, servitude, bonds and Antenuptial contracts, and real estate due diligence investigations.
  • Practising in a city with a Deeds Office that covers vast areas of Western, Southern, Eastern and Northern Cape, Bobby receives work from attorneys all over the country for lodgement and registration in the Cape Town Deeds Office.  He has thus been involved with the registration of many transactions, including commercial and housing developments and sectional title developments in other parts of the Cape.

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