Jo-Ann Pöhl, former CFO, Bowmans

This is a difficult tribute to write as Rob leaves a legacy too immense to capture in one sitting, the articles and tributes to date are evidence of this. Maya Angelou wrote that “A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again.”  This rings true now, as we realise how many of us have been impacted by this sad loss and how connected we all are. Every life Rob touched in person and through the work he did and influenced, has been changed forever, for the better. 

I am privileged to have worked with him and learn from him at Bowmans, he had an innate ability to make you feel truly heard, always considered in his approach to any situation, a particular sense of humour with a smile that reached his eyes and moves on the dance floor few (definitely not me) could match plus the ability to make everyone feel that they mattered. A great tree has fallen … we have lost a great human, a great lawyer and a true patriot. He will be sorely missed and will always be remembered. May his dear soul rest in peace and my deepest condolences to his family and all at Bowmans. Praying for comfort and strength at this time.