Chantelle Greeff

Chantelle Greeff

Manager, Investigations
Johannesburg, South Africa
T: +27 11 669 9559
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Chantelle Greeff is an Investigations Manager in our Dispute Resolution Department and a member of the Corporate Investigations Practice.

She is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) as recognized by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) with 20 years’ experience in forensic investigations.

Chantelle completed her BCom Law degree at UNISA and further holds a Diploma in Fraud Examination, a Certificate in Criminal Law and Procedures and a Diploma in Business Management. Chantelle is also trained on Analyst Notebook V7 by Investigative Software Solutions. She is also a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Specialist Services

Relevant Experience

She has been involved in the forensic environment for 20 years in the private and public sector.  She started her career in 2000 at KMMT Forensic Services, and since then held several investigator positions at companies such as Gobodo, Ramathe Fivaz Forensic & Investigative Accounting Services and Virgin Mobile. Since 2010 she consulted for Bowman Gilfillan and joined the firm full-time from 2014.

Chantelle’s experience includes a number of fraud, corruption and procurement investigations more specifically fraudulent qualifications, irregular appointments, irregular salary grading, ghost employees, criminal records, conflict of interest and non-declaration of interest, fictitious suppliers and submission of fraudulent invoices, irregular and fictitious financial transactions, tender irregularities, asset misappropriations, employee theft and fraud, subscription fraud, identity theft and syndicate activities. She has facilitated, initiated and testified in several internal disciplinary hearings and assisted prosecutors in criminal matters.

Project experience

  • South African Reserve Bank (SARB): Assistance to the Financial Surveillance Department (Finsurv) with investigations into contraventions of the Exchange Control Regulations.
  • Eskom SOC Limited: Investigation into allegations of corruption, fraud and financial irregularities.
  • Monas University: Corporate investigation into the alleged irregularities within student services / administration and admissions to the university programs.
  • South African Revenue Service (SARS): High priority investigation.
  • CWW: Investigation into the circumstances pertaining to the theft of the goods and to determine any involvement of any employees.
  • State Information Technology Agency SOC Ltd (SITA): Investigation into tender irregularities into specific tenders.
  • South African Reserve Bank (SARB): Investigation into the high profile contraventions of the Banks Act.
  • Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority (TCTA): Procurement review and investigation with regards to SCM policies and procedures and related issues.
  • Department of Education: Financial review of financial year ends in respect of financial mismanagement at learning institutions.
  • Special Investigation Unit (SIU) secondment: Various investigations into serious maladministration, improper or unlawful conduct by employees, unlawful appropriation or expenditure of public money or property and irregular or unapproved exquisite acts of local municipalities.
  • Virgin Mobile: Internal investigations into irregular financial transactions involving staff; theft; fraudulent applications involving staff; fraudulent credit card transactions; subscription fraud; identity theft; syndicate activities; fraud & ethics awareness training and implementation of policies, processes and procedures.
  • Department of Housing: Investigation into the allocation of housing schemes.
  • South African Post Office: Investigation into alleged misadministration of donor funds, tender irregularities and procurement fraud.
  • Eskom SOC Limited: Investigation into the selling of prepaid electricity and identification of potential irregularities.
  • NGO: Investigation into the legitimacy and accuracy of staff disbursements and out of town allowances.
  • Higher Educational Institution: Investigation into alleged irregular creditor transactions.