Johandri Pienaar

Johandri Pienaar

Manager, Investigations
Johannesburg, South Africa
T: +27 11 669 9559
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Johandri is a Manager in the firm’s Corporate Investigations practice.  She joined Bowmans in 2017, having previously studied for her BCom Hons Forensic Accounting degree at the North-West University.

She received a Certificate in Commercial Forensic Information Technology from the North-West University in 2017.

She received a Certificate in Data Analysis from the University of Cape Town in 2019.

She completed the IBM I2 Analyst Notebook Version 9 Course in 2022.

Specialist Services

Relevant Experience

Some of the investigations Johandri has been involved in include:

  • Preliminary investigation into allegations of the irregular awarding of a Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) tender for a Provincial Department.
  • Investigation into various allegations of fraud, corruption, and exchange control violations by a large group of international companies, where multiple jurisdictions are involved.
  • Investigation into various allegations of fraud and corruption, relating to a large state-owned company’s employees and suppliers.
  • Forensic investigation into possible procurement irregularities, fraudulent, corrupt, and other irregular conduct in relation to the implementation of a food bank programme by a non-profit organisation at a Provincial Department.
  • Investigation into charges against partners at a big audit firm for non-compliance with the firm’s policies and procedures and non-disclosure of financial interest in a financial institution (a client of the company).
  • Investigation into alleged misconduct by a supply chain manager officer at a media company.
  • Investigation into and reconciliation of R25 billion (over 215,000 transactions) for a large financial institution.
  • Quantification of penalties payable by a large rental company as a result of non-performance in terms of key performance indicators as stipulated as per the contract with the customer.