Julian Smith

Julian Smith

Manager, Investigations
Johannesburg, South Africa
T: +27 11 669 9538
E: julian.smith@bowmanslaw.com
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Julian is an Investigations manager in the firm’s Corporate Investigations practice.  He joined Bowmans in 2017, having previously studied his BCom Hons Forensic Accounting degree at the North-West University.

He completed the following Chartered Accountant modules in order to qualify for Honour degree studies:

  • Financial Management
  • Management Accounting

Julian is an associate member of the ACFE.

Specialist Services

Relevant Experience

Some of the investigations Julian has been involved in include:

Forensic investigation experience

  • Complex data analysis of large-scale data including information from SAP, JDE, Sage etc:
    • Investigation into and reconciliation of R25 billion (over 215,000 transactions) for a large financial institution.
    • Perform complex data analysis relating to irregular fuel usage at a signal tower provider and assist in arbitration proceeding where relevant.
    • Quantification of penalties payable by a large rental company as a result of non-performance in terms of key performance indicators as stipulated as per the contract with the customer.
  • Investigation into fraud, corruption and theft
    • Investigation into an ICT services providers contracts with ESD’s to determine and financial irregularities.
    • Investigation into irregular expenditures and procurement fraud relating to ICT services at one of South Africa’s large banking institutions.
  • Financial analysis
    • Investigation into a large mining company to determine any gross negligence of top management, including but not limited to: analysis of financial statements, production report and management accounts.
    • Investigation of trusts accounts and contravention of fiduciary duties in terms of the Companies Act.
  • Investigation in Public sector
    • Investigation of tender manipulation and large water entity.
    • Contravention of contracts and National Treasury regulation.
    • Contravention of the PFMA.
  • Conduct information seeking interviews.
  • Preparing a summary report of background, individual and company searches conducted by using appropriate methods and relevant databases.

Disciplinary and employment experience

  • Compile evidence bundles for disciplinary proceedings
  • Assist in disciplinary procedures after irregularities were found after an internal investigation at a large mining company.

Civil recoveries experience

  • Quantification of claims after the completion of investigation.
  • Assisting of litigation proceedings including:
    • Preparing claims and counter claims;
    • Preparing summary affidavits;
    • Preparing witness statements;
    • Preparing and compiling discovery.

Criminal matter assistance

  • Preparing A1 affidavits;
  • Preparing affidavits in line with relevant reporting responsibilities i.e. Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, Financial Intelligence Centre Act.
  • Assistances to register case with relevant authorities;
  • Assistance of authorities by way of analysis of bank account statements during criminal proceedings.