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We look for opportunities to make the biggest impact and for the effects of our pro bono work to ripple through the communities we serve to the heart of our societal problems.

We help non-profit organisations so that they in turn can help others. We collaborate with various organisations to assist small businesses and start-ups. We support pro bono clinics and assist non-profit organisations with their registration and compliance issues. We assist individuals to access the justice system, providing legal advice to those in the most desperate need.

And we do this with the same gusto we employ for all our clients – for the financial year ending on 28 February 2020, Bowmans invested 10 563 hours in pro bono work. The rand value of this investment is over ZAR 26,6 million.

Making use of our pro bono services

To apply for pro bono assistance, complete the application form below and email it to our pro bono manager – see contact details below


'We invest our time and resources in ensuring that the most vulnerable people in our society are protected by the legal system, because no-one can prosper in a lawless society.’

Rob Legh, Chairman and Senior Partner

Ishishini Lethu – our flagship project

Small businesses and start-ups can make use of our pro bono corporate legal services through our Ishishini Lethu Project.

Launched in August 2013, the project creates a support system for emerging businesses working to establish themselves. It also allows our commercial lawyers to contribute to the communities we operate in according to their areas of expertise. Since the inception of the project, we have assisted numerous small businesses to understand and exercise their rights and participate more effectively in the economy.

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Ongoing initiatives

Bowmans pro bono work crosses borders in Africa

For the financial year ending on 29 February 2020, Bowmans invested more than 10 500 hours in pro bono work. The rand value of this investment is over ZAR 26.5 million.

Read our press release here.

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Work undertaken

Our offices throughout Africa dedicate their time and energy to a broad range of pro bono initiatives. We focus on assisting the most vulnerable in society and directing our actions to where they can do the most good – be it in the provision of advice or education or the support of existing initiatives.

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Fatima Laher

Fatima Laher

Head of Pro Bono

T:+27 11 669 9000

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